Whether or not a criminal act results in injuring a person, the government will prosecute the person responsible since it is believed that any violation of the criminal laws harms society as well. Criminal prosecution is thus conducted not only to punish those who commit crimes, but also to deter others from acting similarly. As for the victim of a criminal act, he or she may file a civil lawsuit against the wrongdoer. In doing so, the plaintiff seeks compensation for his or her injuries or vindication of his or her rights. Any defendant found guilty in a civil case and found liable for harming the plaintiff will instead be ordered to pay compensation or to desist from some action.

If you been the victim of a crime and would like to know your rights, you need the services of an experienced attorney to advise you on your next steps. I will review your situation and answer any questions you may have. If warranted, I will follow through to pursue compensation for your losses. To make an appointment, call my office. Trusted and verified.

HINT: It is more difficult to convict someone of a crime than to obtain a civil judgment against that person.